CS 161 (Computer Security) Summer 2020 - All Resources

Hey! I’ll be using this page to post resources from my 161 Discussion Section.

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Discussion Resources

Discussion Resources
Discussion 1 Slides
GDB Demo (Slides)
Slides with Stack Examples:
Normal x86 Function Call, Crash, Code Injection, Control-Flow Diversion
Discussion 2 Slides
Discussion 3 Slides
Discussion 4 Slides
Handwritten Notes (Asymmetric Key Encryption)
Discussion 5 Slides
Handwritten Notes (MAC/Digital Signatures/RSA)
Condensed Summary of Memory Safety & Cryptography
Discussion 6 Slides
Handwritten Notes (Intro to Networking)
Discussion 7 Slides
Discussion 8 Slides
Handwritten Notes (DNS/DNSSec)
Discussion 9-13 Skipped (Slot Converted to OH)
Final Review Condensed Summary of Course Material (Note: this is from Spring 2020, but not much has changed!)
Web Security Review Slides