Voiceroom - spatially-aware voice chat

This project is in progress, so this post may be updated with more information & updates over the coming months!

Earlier this summer, a friend and I built Voiceroom (https://voiceroom.us/) – a spatially-aware voice chat application, built using WebRTC and React. We launched on Product Hunt - and made it to the front page! We were also featured in the Product Hunt Newsletter, which goes out to thousands of readers daily. Voiceroom was also mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, in an article focusing on the rise in audio-first experiences.

A little more about Voiceroom (quoted from our Product Hunt post) –

Hey Product Hunt!

We’re excited to launch Voiceroom, a service designed to make virtual interactions more realistic. As students, we’ve spent hours on Zoom and Google Hangouts where only one person can speak at a time. We miss the real-life environment of open collaboration – and the ability to launch into a side conversation with the person next to you.

To solve that problem, we built Voiceroom. With Voiceroom, multiple simultaneous conversations can happen in one room, and you’ll be able to hear both the immediate conversation around you as well as other conversations in the background. It’s like a real room. If you’re presenting, you can screen share and broadcast your voice so that the whole room can hear you.

Voiceroom currently supports all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) and rooms up to 15 people. We’re working hard on bringing support to mobile – as well as expanding the number of participants in each room. We’re continuously improving the experience, and would love to hear your feedback!


Anmol & Shomil

Update: try the demo at https://www.voiceroom.us/demo to see this in action without making an actual room!