Paz - stress less through restorative music

Over the past few months, I’ve been working part-time at a small UC Berkeley startup: Pineal Labs. I met the founders – a music executive-turned-record producer and an investment banker completing an MBA at Haas – on Sproul Plaza in early February, when they came up to my student organization’s table and introduced themselves.

Their vision was simple: what if you could achieve the same mental and psychological benefits of meditation by simply listening to carefully-crafted sounds? They believed that it was possible – and had the research to back it up.

What originally started as a hacked-together, rapidly-built MVP turned into a fully-functional streaming app, one that I had the opportunity to design and architect from the ground up. Over the past few months, I’ve worked closely with the founders, transforming their vision into the completed product below.





Read more about Paz in the Haas Newsroom article.

Download Paz today on the iOS App Store.

This project was built on Firebase, Google Cloud Functions, and Airtable (as a CMS) primarily using Swift and Python.