CS 161 (Computer Security) Fall 2021 - All Resources

Hey! I’ll be using this page to post resources from my 161 Discussion Section for Fall 2021.

I’d appreciate your feedback! If you have any thoughts on my section, please fill out this anonymous form - or, shoot me an email (shomil@).

If I haven’t posted slides for the most recent discussion yet, feel free to view my slides from previous semesters. For the most part, they should be similar!

Discussion Resources

Discussion Resources
Discussion 1 Slides (x86, GDB, Security Principles)
Discussion 2/3 Slides (Memory Safety)
Discussion 4 Slides (Intro to Cryptography)
Discussion 5 Slides (Crypto II)
Midterm Review Slides (Memory Safety)
Discussion 7 Slides (SOP, Cookies)
Discussion 8 Slides (SOP, Cookies, CSRF, XSS)

Out of scope, but still highly recommend: Reverse Engineering 101

Also, here’s my Final Review Sheet from Spring 2020. Disclaimer: I made this when I took this class and haven’t really looked at it since, so there might be a typo or two! It also might not fully encapsulate the scope of this semester’s final.